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– Apa a anuncio en Internet:

Hi visto el anunsio del Encanto de 1 bdr apt en Barcelona, y istoy interesado.
No importa dinero, tener mucho.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

First of all i’m sorry to write you in english but i don’t speak spanish. I just read your e-mail regarding my apartment located in : c/ luís antúnez, 10 barrio vila de gràcia distrito gràcia 08006 barcelona planta 2 . It has 3 rooms :  2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 living room (90m2 ).

I bought this apartment for my daughter during her studies in SPAIN, but now she’s back home permanently, so I’m renting the place for unlimited time.

Before we go any further I would like to know a little something about you, like how many persons you intend to live in the apartment, and for how long.

The flat is exactly like in the pictures, fully furnished and renovated. Also, very important, the utilities (cold/hot water, electricity, wireless broadband Internet, digital TV, 1 parking spots, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) are INCLUDED in the price of 450 EUR/month. The kaution is also EUR 450,00, and you get it back, when you decide to leave the apartment (you will have to give me at least 30 days notice). As for me, you can rest assured that I will never ask you to leave the apartment. My daughter is building her life here, and i am too old to move to Spain, so we won’t disturb you.

You can use my furniture, or you can also use your own if you prefer. If you decide to use yours, you will have access to a very large and well ventilated cellar, where you can store my furniture.

Now, a little bit about myself so we can get to know each other better. My name is Rose Begfer and I’m a 58 years old graphic designer from Manchester /United Kingdom, planning to retire in the next 2 years.

I have a lovely husband,Kevin and a 25 year old daughter, Maria. I am very proud to say that soon I’m going to be a grandmother :). Another member of our family is a 8 year old Labrador which we all love, so, I have no problem if you will keep pets.

The only inconvenience is that my job doesn’t allow me to leave Manchester even for one single day. We just hired some new staff and I’m in charge of their training.

But this won’t affect you at all. I can make arrangements to rent the apartment from Manchester (on my expense of course).

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

All the best from Britain!

Rose Begfer
Department Manager in Graphic Design
24 M…
M2 3…
United Kingdom



– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
Istoy interesado en el piso, quiero tomarme unas vacasiones bonitas en Barcelona, ir a ver el futbol, a Messi y a Iniesta!
Tambien quiero conoser siñoritas guapas de la siudad, así me las traeré de vuelta a mi gran país, las cambiaré por camiellos si hase falta, tengo que rellenar el harén, que se está vasiando.

Quiero saber mas, cuenteme.

Un saliudo desde Wadiya!


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Can I ask you where exactly you come from? 🙂 very good I am with Messi too :)))


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Thank you for your reply but the matter is that I’m in Manchester / UK already. Like I have inform you before, the price you shall pay for one month of rent will be 390 EUR + 390 security deposit ( kaution ) = (780 euro), with no extra taxes to pay.I must have one month rent + security deposit from you.You pay this money just for this time and every month you pay just 390 euro . The money, I want to recive it monthly to my bank account, so I hope it will be no problem for you to wire the money to my bank account. The apartment is ready for you, you will need only to receive the keys and the contract to check it, and see if you like it. Obviously we need a way to complete this deal, that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after. I am not interested to make a lot of money from the rent as I am interested to find a tenant that will take goof care of the property . Because didn’t had time to find a trustworthy agent , don’t have any friends in the area to send the keys .I found an alternate solution in order to close the transaction safe for the both of us ,a real estate company , it is an international real estate company called Moneybookers Services , please visit ( will provide assistance in handling the payment and delivery of the Keys and Lease Agreement, Deposit request 390 Euro + 390 Euro (Security Deposit) . With this procedure you will be able o check the apartment before I receive the payment . Like a escrow company.

Let me know if you are interested please because I really need to take care of this matter.



– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Also, very important, the utilities (old/hot water, electricity, wireless Internet, digital TV, 2 parking spots in garage, air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) are INCLUDED in the rent price.

I know for some good students is so hard to get a got place and more cheap to study and for a simple and a big family, young people, price of crisis, I am ready to offer you the flat to rent for 1600Euro six months or 3000 Euro 1 full year, if doesn’t matter this great offer,  is available only now, we’ll stay on 390 Euro montly plus kaution warranty deposit, total will come 780 Euro. Hope you will be able to choose one of them.


– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
Dinero no problema en Wadiya, no crisis en Wadiya, li quiero pagar mas de lo que mi pide, es posible?
Puedo instalar bañios arabes en el piso? Yo lo pago, no problema con dinero.

Tengo prisa, que voy de vacasiones pronto.
Ya mi diras…


– Rose Begfer a Apa:


I think will be possible, of course, I ask you , where exactly you come from , if i don’t bother you.

Think to my great offer, is available only now. I want to know if you are able to accept six months or 1 year?

I am owner of the place but as i am far away and i got nobody there, i will not be able to show the flat before we start the transaction. I am ready and prepared to send the keys and contract, even today, depends on you.We will use bank transfer to be in safe and secure, 100 % protected. Many Thanks,



– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Siñora Rose,
Como li dije, io vengo de Wadiya, y tengo muicho dinero, si quiere li pago todo 1 añio, no problema.

¿Tiene cuentas in Suiza? Io sí, así no tiengo problemas con dinero.
¿Dónde puedo aparcar los camiellos, hay parking?

Muichas grasias, grasias


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Yes, you’ll have garage near to the building, 2 car size.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Hello again,

I want to inform you that Moneybookers will hold the money until you will confirm to them that you like the apt and keep the keys. If you don’t like it, you only have to return the keys to them after they will refund the money to you and they will deliver the keys back to me on my expense.

I will need to inform you the steps about how this service works and how we can make it happen. You will only have to deposit 1 year of rent + security deposit – 3000 EUR to Moneybookers Service  – so they can proceed with the shipping, and you can receive the keys and the contract.

Like I said, I will pay for a 2 days delivery so you will receive the Keys and the contract signed by me right away. I will explain to you step by step how this will work:

1 – To start this transaction i will need to know your full shipping information, full name, full shipping address , ID ( identity card ) and phone number to proceed with this deal .

2 – I go to the Moneybookers Office and leave the Keys and the contract in your name as the intended receiver.

3 – Moneybookers  will check the envelope to see if everything is OK with it and also the legal papers that will come along with the Keys.

4 – Moneybookers  will send you a delivery notification to let you know they have the Keys and the papers in their custody, in which you will be told that they have the Keys and that they checked it.

5 – At this point you will have to go to any Bank office and make a money transfer deposit on the Moneybookers bank account in UK assigned with this transaction for the amount we agreed.

6 – After you make the bank transfer deposit you will have to send the infos about the money deposit to Moneybookers  (scan paper from the transfer).

7 – Moneybookers  will verify the payment informations and if everything is in order they will deliver the Keys and the contract to you .

8 – After you receive the package, You will go and check the apt and in 2 days after you seen the apt you must contact them and tell them if you keep the apt or not, if everything is in order you will instruct Moneybookers to release the funds to me.

If you don’t like the apt they will send your money back and you will send them the keys and the contract to them to return the package back to me on my expense.I will pay Moneybookers Service for the shipping and you will pay to the bank for the Money Transfer fees.Now i must know for sure if you agree because here are a lot of peoples interested to have this apartment rented and i want to know for sure what i must tell them. If you agree what i suggested i will tell them that my apartment is already rented and i will keep it for you. If you agree then i must have all the shipping details so i will be able to make all the arrangements for the Moneybookers  delivery.

very Important: Your money will be in safe in Moneybookers Company .

Thank you for your interest and wait news from you.



– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
Lo del parking es pierfecto, mi cabrán siguro.

Mi gustaría darle los 3000 Euro en efectivo, li puedo enviar un emisario o un paje a su casa para que si los dé en mano, no tiengo probliemas con dinero, mucho dinero en Wadiya, pero no haber Moneybookers in Wadiya.

Mis diatos son estos:

Shabazz Aladeen
Avenida del lider supremo Omar Aladeen, número 1
0401 – Wadiya
(no haber ID card in Wadiya)
0102 002 08 58

Es sufisiente?


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

No es necesario especificarlo si usted no tiene ningún cargo MoneyBookers allí porque el agente vendrá a ti daré las llaves, el contrato y el plan de la vivienda directamente a su domicilio. Vendrá en persona para mostrar el apartamento.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Hello again,

I started the delivery. MoneyBookers will contact you will full instruction how you have to do…

Thank you and hope to see you back.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Hello again,

I want to advice you what you have to pay also in advance, some urgently taxes so we can finish the transaction soon as possible. When you go to make the bank transfer, the agent will ask you what taxes you want to pay?for urgently or much cheap?You will accept the big cost, in this way the transfer will take only 1-2 day ok?In case you forget. The money for the all taxes, will be returned by agent. Thanks for understandings!

Have receive the invoice confirmation from them?Please follow their instruction. Advice your payment confirmation after you have done with the transfer and send the scanned receipt from bank transfer, exact sender’s name on file, city and country where you sent the money from, amount sent to the MoneyBookers agents. The MoneyBookers agent will get in touch with you, will come directly on your homes address with keys and contract to show you my flat and tell everything you have to know.

Many Thanks and all best!


– MoneyBookers LTD Department a Apa:

(me envía un correo bastante profesional, con diferentes logos de Chase, MoneyBookers, Barclays, etc. aunque la mejor imagen del correo es ésta:
Barclays… ¿habéis visto al electricista, verdad?)

Dear Shabazz Aladeen ,
We require the payment to be made through Bank Transfer.

Payment must be sent to the MoneyBookers Bank account below

MoneyBookers Account Details
Name: Dumitru Pop
Sort code: 20-5…
Account no: 933…
IBAN: GB23 BARC 205…
Bank: Barclays PLC
Bank address: 852/858 High Road, Tottenham, London, N17 0EY

Sender Information
First name: Rose
Last name: Begfer
Address: 24 M…
City : Manchester
Zip Code: M2…
Country: United Kingdom

Delivery Information
First name: Shabazz
Last name: Aladeen
Address: Avenida del lider supremo Omar Aladeen, número 1
City/State: Wadiya
Zip Code : 0401
Country: Africa

Apartment keys and rental contract verified and signed by the Sender. Owner of the apartment in:

C/ Luís Antúnez, 10 barrio Vila de Gràcia distrito Gràcia 08006 Barcelona planta 2 Spain . All the papers are double checked.

-Transaction Registered No 31597598 

– Insured Value Amount (1 year deposit) + Security Deposit  EUR 3.000

– If you decide to hold the apartment, then you will have to authorize us to release the funds to the sender, and the transaction will be completed. If you will not be satisfied with the apartment, you will be able to send the keys and contract back through the same service with no costs and inform us to return the funds to you.

We require the payment to be made through Bank Transfer service.

You can pay with cash or using your bank account .

It is recommended to send the payment as soon as possible, because your Return Policy is valid for 10 days only.

Sending the payment by any other method will void this transaction and your right to refund.

Contact us with
-Scanned receipt from Bank transfer
-Exact sender’s name on file .
-City and country where you sent the money from
-Amount sent


– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
Como va a vinir un agente de Moneyhookers a mi casa, si Wadiya esta muy liejos de Al-Andalus, no es posible haserlo di otra manera?
Tambien hi visto que en mi direcsion lo han puesto mal, Africa no es un pais, Wadiya es el pais, a ver si no me van a lliegar bien las llaves…

Quien es Dumitru Pop? Es algun cantante famioso de su ciudad? (es una broma, no mi haga caso, seguro que es su marido).
Entonses prifiero hablar con el, mejor un triato de hombre a hombre. Si el triato es con usted, siñora Rose, no sera un triato legal en mi pais. No si moleste, es la tradision aqui.

Salam Aleikum,


– Rose Begfer a Apa:


Dumitru Pop is the MoneyBookers agent. I don’t play with you, I don’t have time to joke, believe me. I made all necesary to send the keys, contract and plan of the flat. If Wadiya is the country what is the city of this country?I will contact the MoneyBookers to resolve the problem, you don’t worry, we will resolve it soon as possible. The MoneyBookers agent can you meet with him in Spain to show the flat and explaine everything you have to know. Thanks,


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Please wait my email confirmation when I’ll be contacted by MoneyBookers because they have some problem with the new bank account and we’ll resend new one ok?Thanks for understandings and sorry for inconvenience, we will let you know in short time.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:


¿Ocurre algo? Espero que te irá bien. Quiero pedirle que dé a la ciudad de su país, ¿dónde vives? Usted todavía está interesado? Porque tengo respons nada de ti. Tan pronto como sea posible voy a tener notificación de MoneyBookers, se le enviará otra cuenta bancaria, una nueva para seguir adelante con transferencia bancaria, será posible? Gracias y que tenga un buen día!


– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
No ocurre niada, todavia sigo intiresado, ya tengo ganas de ver un partito del Barça en vivo!

Wadiya is el pais, y tambien is la capital, tiene el mismo nombre, is como Monaco, capital Monaco, Dubai, capital Dubai; Mexico, capital Mexico; o Andorra, capital Andorra.

Ya se lo comento a su marido? Quiero escribirle a el, no a usted. No si moleste, es la tradision.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:


Este es el marido de Rose, Kevin. Quiero que te aconsejo las llaves, el contrato y el plan de vivienda ya ha sido enviado. Hablamos con MoneyBookers, tienen que ponerse en contacto en breve con instrucción completa y nueva cuenta bancaria, donde usted tiene que depositar el dinero. Háganos saber si usted puede hacerlo? Tan pronto como el dinero será enviado, el consejo de su recibo escaneado de papel de banco y el número de teléfono válido, dónde y cuándo quieres conocer a la agente para mostrar el apartamento. Gracias y háganoslo saber.


– Rose Begfer a Apa:

Mi esposa me dijo que pidiera lo que tienes que pagar 10-15 euros por los impuestos con urgencia, el dinero vendrá rápido sin ningún problema, podemos terminar pronto.


– MoneyBookers LTD Department a Apa:

(me envía el mismo correo, donde indicaba los datos bancarios)


– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
Como se que no es usted y es su marido? Mi escribe desde su mismo e-mail, siguro que is Kevin?

La verdad is que mi interesa mucho su labrador, me lo pueden enviar tambien? Pagaré muicho por el, no probliema con dinero, muicho dinero en Wadiya. Pueden enviarlo por UPS, ya tengo muichos animales en mi zoo privato, y me lliegaron asi.



– Apa a Rose Begfer:

Hola siñora Rose,
No mi ha vuelto a escribir, y el Barça juega este sabado en casa, necisito el piso esta semana.
Mi pongo en contacto directamente con el agente de MoneyGram?
Cual era su nombre, Super Pop?




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